El poderoso influjo de la Luna II.
The powerful influence of the Moon II.


El poderoso influjo de la Luna II.

The powerful influence of the Moon II.

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Almond: Prosperity

Apple: Peace of Mind, Relaxation, Love, and Wisdom

Cedar: Confidence, Protection from Misery and Misfortune

Cinnamon: Spirituality, Clairvoyance, Focus, Concentration, and Personal Protection

Eucalyptus: Healing, Purification



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Pagan Tip: Deities are under no obligation to be nice, to care, or to not judge you for whatever problems you might have. On the same token, you are under no obligation to worship or work with a deity who mistreats you. You can say no. 

(Source: wrath-fire-ice)

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Positive life force!

I need something to help keep me positive, empowered, motivated.

Any suggestions on herbs, stones, etc?

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How did you find and decorate your wand?

Very interested in finally making a wand! Got some great ideas.. although it’s almost spring time and I know the ideal time for wand making/gathering is fall…

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Help Stray Cats!


I am adding a donations button to my tumblr (fuckyeahfrancesca).

There are many stray and abandoned animals by me that need resources. 

"Mama Cat" is an unspayed female that has several litters every summer. I have 2 kittens from her latest litter. I would like to get her fixed to avoid having an overabundance of unwanted cats and for her own health. Plus a rabies shot would do her good and perhaps some flea care, since she did pass on worms to her kittens.

"Smudge" is a neutered male abandoned by its owners. They feed it but leave it to fend for itself and is no longer allowed in the home. It whines outside my home at night and in the morning. The temperatures are starting to drop and I’d like to build him and Mama Cat a heated outhouse so that they can be sheltered from the weather.

There are several other male cats that roam in packs, if you will, that are the fathers of the kittens. I’d like to eventually get them neutered as well, but they are harder to catch.

I’d love if you could donate anything to help me in the process! I can very easily provide receipts from my process in getting surgeries, vet care, and housing supplies to show that your money is going to good use!

I’d love to be able to take them all in, but my small chihuahua only seems to like the kittens, and chases the other cats when he sees them. Not to mention fleas.

PLEASE share!


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